The Story

Two countries stand divided by a sea haunted by gruesome monsters and eerie shipwrecks. One country, fashioned from magic. The other, built with metal and machines.

The people of Eliasyne possess an ancient magic known as the Will. The Will grants them the ability to shape their surroundings as they please. In Skarion there is no such magic; innovation and ingenuity are the qualities that allowed Skarion to flourish.

When a group of students from Eliasyne discover a hidden passage to Skarion, the two worlds collide. The students form an odd but intrepid alliance with an ambitious group of young Skarionites. Together they discover and study in secret an ancient art known as alchemy - a combination of magic and science.

Their discovery leads to the awakening of old, dangerous forces and the group finds themselves knee-deep in trouble. It’s not just their lives that are threatened, but their countries as well.

Sulfur and Salt is a story about alchemy, friendship, romance, mystery and the occasional demi-god, aimed to a young adult readership.

The Title

In alchemy, the Three Essentials (also called the Tria Prima, the Three Universals, the three humors, etc) are alchemical elements considered to be at the base of all things and to have spiritual meaning. This theory (since disproved by modern medicine) was first defined by Paracelsus, a Swiss German philosopher, physician and occultist from the 16th century.

These elements are sulfur, salt and mercury. Sulfur is associated with the metaphorical elements of fire and air – as well as the spirit. Salt is considered the element of earth, of the body, the physical. Mercury is the element of water, of the mind, of unity.

Sulfur and salt are associated in this story to the countries of Eliasyne and Skarion respectively. As for mercury... is it the sea? Or perhaps it is a secret power hidden within the characters themselves? Read on to find out!

The Author

Susanna “Suspu” Nousiainen is a comic artist from Finland with a passion for mixing genres and dreaming up new interpretations of classic concepts. Suspu has one other currently running webcomic, ShootAround, which you can find on! Suspu can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr and can be contacted at: